Favorite Brushes

Brush 101
Flat Foundation Brush

Great for all over application.

Gives an even look finish.
Able to get in narrow areas: Nose, mouth, eyes and hairline.
Brush has been dipped in a formula to keep bacteria from growing.
Expert Face Brush
Real Techniques
Great for blending and contouring. 
Full coverage for face and neck.
Gives a smooth, high-definition look.
Streak free makeup application.
Stippling Brush
Real Technique
Creates High-Definition with all mediums of makeup.
Gives a smooth and flawless look.
Great for layering and building coverage.
Can be used for your bronzer, cream blushes and luminizing powders.
Blush Brush
Real Techniques
Slightly tapered, making blush blend easier.
Soft like a teddy bear.
No harsh lines in makeup.
Gives a more natural look.
Setting Brush
Real Techniques
Multi-functioning Brush.
Light-weight and easy to blend.
Great for highlighting the face.
Can be used to apply concealer. 
Lash-Brow Groomer
Real Techniques
Aluminum handel is light and easy to use.
Bristles are 100% cruelty-free.
Soft brow brush.
Gives pixel-perfect look even in harsh light.
Eyeshadow "C" Brush
Perfect for packing on eyeshadow.
Good for all over lid coverage.
Soft and dense.
Eye Shader Brush
All over coverage.
Blends eyeshadow from brow to lash.
Soft and long bristles.
Able to control eyeshadow.
Eye Shadow Brush
Great size for all eyes.
For everyday use.
Allows subtle shading.
Works great for corners and creases.
Eye Liner Brush 340
Firm yet soft bristles.
Sturdy, applies color well.
Can do thick or thin lines.
No shedding.
Pro Angled Brow Definer Brush 240
Gives perfect definition.
Firmly shapes.
Creates precise lines.
Right amount of stiffness for applying powder to brows.
Angled Crease Brush
Sonia Kashuk No. 26
Applies color at an angle in one. 
Able to apply layers of different colors.
Great for adding detail or dimension.
Can use to apply touchups or highlighting the brow.

What are your favorite brushes and why?

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