Clinique's skin care is an amazing product that works well with ALL types of skin and gives great results. If you have Dry, Combination or Oily skin, this will keep your skin looking vibrant and smooth.


I have combination skin (Oily and Dry) and here is what I use for the best results:


When washing in the morning or night, scrub face in a circular motion for at least a minute.

Moistens makeup free skin.

Avoid using on active breakouts.

Use as needed (3 to 4 times per week) .


 Once out the shower, sweep face and neck with a cotton ball or swab.

Avoid eye area.

Repeat twice a day after exfoliating/cleansing face.



After you clarify your face, apply to the face and throat.

Use twice a day or as needed depending on how dry your skin is.




Within a week, you should start noticing a HUGE difference with your skin.

 Post your favorite Skin Care Products and/or questions about Clinique's Skin Care line below.







Topic: What skin care works best for you?

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